Excerpt from The Diversity Speaker Newsletter

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Writing as Guest Author to Maura Cullen’s ‘The Diversity Speaker Newsletter,’ Brian Shimamoto discussed the issues regarding the lack of conversation when it comes to responding to discriminatory behavior. In particular, Shimamoto’s piece in the newsletter makes reference to the YouTube video which went viral of which a UCLA student made racist and bigoted anti-Asian commentary. This video was made a few hours after the devastating earthquake in Japan, and so the reponses made towards this student were quite violent, discriminatory, and hateful in themselves. Brian uses this example to discuss the problem of increasing hate, racism, sexism, and bigotry within retaliation. Its a good read.

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“A Conversation with Zach Wahls: SAGE Straight Americans for Gay Equality Indiana Summit”

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“An activist training and Interactive Skype conference devoted to promoting equality in hiring and housing policies in Indiana, along with mobilizing public opinion to overturn the recent passage of the bill banning gay marriage and civil unions in the state of Indiana will be held at IUPUI Saturday, April 9, 2011.

The event begins at noon in Main Lecture Hall, 325 University Boulevard. Planned by students in the IUPUI Department of Communication Studies in the IU School of Liberal Arts, it is sponsored by SAGE – Straight Americans for Gay Equality – Indiana and IUPUI chapters -in cooperation with the IUPUI Department of Communication Studies, Alliance for Sexual Equality, and IUPUI’s Communication Club and Democracy Plaza.”

To read this article in full at the IUPUI News Center site, please click here!

A Film Series Project Screening TODAY!

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News: Massive Earthquake rocks Japan and Pacific waters

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Please put your thoughts, prayers, and  good wishes towards Japan and its people as breaking news strikes about the massive 8.8/8.9 earthquake causing tsunami storms to hit the coast.

To keep up to date on the recent weather phenomenon, check out the following links. Also, watch for warnings for the Pacific waters surrounding Hawaii and its islands as waters continue to stir.


AP news – Japan

AP News – Hawaii

Happy International Women’s Day!

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Today marks the 100th milestone of International Women’s Day!

Don’t know what International Women’s Day is? Click here!

Peace Corps 50th Anniversary

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Logo of the United States Peace Corps.

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Ever thought of joining the Peace Corps after you graduate? Even if you would just like to learn more about the organization, check out the First Floor display cases at the University Library to see an array of artifacts from around the globe temporarily donated to the library and the Office of International Affairs for a special exhibit celebrating the Peace Corps 50th Anniversary! Check out upcoming events, and all of the amazing items that will be on display for the next few weeks.

Upcoming Film Screening!

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In junction with the IUPUI University Library Diversity Council, A Film Series Project is set to hold their second monthly film screening in February! Check out ‘A Film Series Project‘ for more information on the chosen film, dates, and times!

Our January 25th screening of ‘This Is Nollywood‘ was a great success, and went off without a hitch! In fact, we have already lined up screenings for April and possibly the month of May as well. So check out A Film Series Project for the latest news, or watch the RSS feed located on the right of this screen for updated events, information, and upcoming news.

Cheers! 🙂

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