Made in Dagenham – Film Series Promo Poster :o)

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A Film Series Project to hold its second April Screening!

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Excerpt from The Diversity Speaker Newsletter

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Writing as Guest Author to Maura Cullen’s ‘The Diversity Speaker Newsletter,’ Brian Shimamoto discussed the issues regarding the lack of conversation when it comes to responding to discriminatory behavior. In particular, Shimamoto’s piece in the newsletter makes reference to the YouTube video which went viral of which a UCLA student made racist and bigoted anti-Asian commentary. This video was made a few hours after the devastating earthquake in Japan, and so the reponses made towards this student were quite violent, discriminatory, and hateful in themselves. Brian uses this example to discuss the problem of increasing hate, racism, sexism, and bigotry within retaliation. Its a good read.

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A Film Series Project Screening TODAY!

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Time Action Vision by Christian Holler

In Time Action Vision, Christian Holler, of the interdisciplinary Critical Curatorial Cybermedia program at the University of Art and Design in Geneva, conducts 12 conversations on the topics of cultural studies, post-colonialism, globalization, activism and cultural participation. His interlocutors are some of the most respected theoreticians and activists working today: groundbreaking Black Atlantic author Paul Gilroy, Birmingham School founder Stuart Hall (Resistance Through Rituals: Youth Subcultures in Postwar Britain), prolific author Tariq Ali (The Clash of Fundamentalisms), former Weather Underground member (and famed Obama associate) Bill Ayers, Marxist geography scholar David Harvey (Social Justice and the City), London-based art theorist and critic Irit Rogoff, Israeli-born scholar of post-colonialism and transnationalism Ella Shohat, South African post-colonial theorist Achille Mbembe, French filmmaker (and Godard collaborator) Jean-Pierre Gorin, cultural studies scholar Lawrence Grossberg, Australian cultural studies scholar Meaghan Morris and Polish sociologist Zygmunt Bauman.

News: Massive Earthquake rocks Japan and Pacific waters

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Please put your thoughts, prayers, and  good wishes towards Japan and its people as breaking news strikes about the massive 8.8/8.9 earthquake causing tsunami storms to hit the coast.

To keep up to date on the recent weather phenomenon, check out the following links. Also, watch for warnings for the Pacific waters surrounding Hawaii and its islands as waters continue to stir.


AP news – Japan

AP News – Hawaii

Happy International Women’s Day!

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Today marks the 100th milestone of International Women’s Day!

Don’t know what International Women’s Day is? Click here!

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