A Film Series Project

November 10, 2010 § 1 Comment

The University Library Diversity Council and myself, the current 2010/2011 Diversity Scholar, are hoping to put together a film series for the upcoming 2011 Spring semester and onwards. Films will vary in genre, but will follow the mission of promoting, presenting, and highlighting the discussion of diversity on all levels.

The idea of this project is to cover the grounds for discussion and awareness that diversity exists here at IUPUI. We are not a campus of racially segregated bodies, nor religiously segregated bodies; we are not LGBT vs. the Heteros; and we should not be separated by our field of study. A university campus needs to recognize that the student body is a student body made up of all cultural and educational backgrounds, and this film series is hoping to raise awareness to that discussion rather than invite each categorical group one-at-a-time into the mesh of things.

Do you have film ideas that you would like to see? Are you a part of a student organization or any organization who would like to join in? I want your ideas!


§ One Response to A Film Series Project

  • Steve says:

    I saw My Beautiful Laundrette back in the ’80s and haven’t seen it since. Thatcherism, Pakistani immigrants in Britain, racisim, gay relationships, all rolled into a comedy. I don’t know if younger crowds have seen it. It made a statement in its time. It might be a movie people would appreciate.

    Tampopo is also from the ’80s, about the quest for perfect noodles. It’s a classic Japanese comedy. It’s not earth-shatteringly deep about diversity, but it’s a great movie that a diverse audience would enjoy.

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