The “It Gets Better” project has brought up a national video campaign for gay youth. Now, Let’s bring the discussion home.

November 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

In light of the recent headlines focusing on the continuing problem of bullying, celebrities, public figures, and everyday folk took to joining a video campaign called, “It Gets Better.” These videos encourage youth, in particular, to seek help and guidance as a way to deal with the increase in violence and bullying that they experience on numerous levels. In addition, the discussion on this topic has put the focus on the families and parents of both parties – the bullies and  the victims – as well as the teachers in schools and administration to start paying attention to the fact that this is a problem much larger than what it seemed to be 10 to 20 years ago. Bullying has changed a lot, and has become much more evil spirited, cruel, and tormenting, and it still exists in the world of adults, not just the youth.

So the question is, how are people getting involved in this discussion? How are schools taking charge? From checking out the news boards here on the IUPUI campus, there is some discussion. There have been small rallies to discuss the issues with bullying outside of dormitory halls; the school has sent out formal and official letters reminding of the policies of zero-tolerance towards bullying; student groups have formed to visually discuss the problems through imagery.

What else can be done? Schools of all levels need to keep up with a steady plan for discussion on the topic of violence and discrimination. Announcements are good; so are rallies. But, what about in 5 months when perhaps this topic is no longer in the headlines? Will the discussions still persist? I feel as if there need to be an annual or even bi-annual address or event that occurs to remind people of the levels of respect and responsibility, and that the school does support its students and staff. Administration need to bring this up more – university annual reports show that disrespect is highly present on all levels when it comes to discrimination towards minorities and religious groups alike. Schools need to show that they support ALL of their students and staff, and not just in the times of need, but all of the time.


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