“What did you just say??”

November 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

Within the past few months, comments and actions circling around the idea of discrimination of some shape or form, have toppled the news headlines, and then slowly disappeared. We’ve had discussions surrounding the Islamic Cultural Center in New York City; we’ve discussed the fight to rid of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” ruling; we’ve also read through the headlines of homosexual adults and youth being bullied relentlessly throughout the nation.

We are faced with moral decisions everyday – however, the majority of the time, we are in defense of the minority people. Quite often, we either choose to defend comments made towards Islam, or we don’t; to defend comments against homosexuals, or we don’t; to defend comments towards women, or we don’t. The list of comments made towards or against minorities is a long one. Its long, because we listen and hear for those trigger words. However, what would happen if the same individuals who defend the bigotry and discrimination towards minorities uttered something bigoted and discriminating towards the majority? Ya know, the “bullies” most of the time. Who would stand up and say – What did you just say??

Just recently, in class, we were discussing the topic of religious subject matter. A rude, disrespectful comment was made towards a faith within a Christian sect. No one uttered one word. If the word Christianity had been replaced with a minority faith, such as Islam, people would have said, “Whoa – that was completely out of line and disrespectful!”

So – are we only obligated to respect those who are in need of our defence? It seems at times to be so, which basically turns back the progression timeline to one of segregation and lack of understanding.


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