Another U.S. election experienced by this foreigner from the north

November 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

So, for a Canadian, I think I’ve been pretty involved in the past few years of U.S political history, it seems. It’s an odd thing to experience, as someone who is not eligible to vote, but has very opinionated thoughts on how a country should function – but with the perspective as to how this relates internationally. Anywho, in the long run of things, my opinion doesn’t matter on levels passed discussion-based details, but I still feel involved.

As an “outsider”, if you will, its interesting seeing the functionality of an election, especially when the country in question is one that claims to be watched by the entire world at every living second – possibly true, but I try not to dwell on that thought. I was most intrigued by last night’s events of the midterm elections after watching Charlie Rose’s discussion panel on the aftermath, and what this all meant with the Republicans seizing the House. It was interesting to hear all the panelists – Republican and Democrats – that the Obama election, as with this one, was not as politically highly rated as the media made it seem. Some would disagree, but in a political sense, it made sense (we’re not talking on the cultural and racial levels, since that is undeniable). And one Republican panelist did say, neither negatively nor excitedly, that the taking over of the House by the Republicans should be taken note as not a “win” by the Republicans, but possibly with focus on the Tea Party as Rand Paul was the big story of the night down in Kentucky; the win was not necessarily a “Right Wing” win, but possibly a “Far-Right Wing” win. It was an interesting statement, which I’m sure will unload itself in the months to come.

So for this foreigner, I’ve seen so much political ups and downs these past years in the United States – I just so happened to be here for the Bush/Kerry election and Bush win; I was here for the Obama/McCain election and the Obama win; I was here when the Republicans seized House, and Democrats held tight to Senate… a part of me is glad that I won’t be here in 2012, because this is exhausting! Even internationally, while on holiday in my second home of London (second to Canada, lets remember) I was there when Brown stepped out from Downing Street and announced his departure from Parliament. I am politically worn out!


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