Drowning in the “OMG”‘s and the “LOL”‘s!

September 29, 2010 § Leave a comment

Texting on a keyboard phone

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I came across this article on the More Intelligent Life site this morning, and I found it to be fitting for someone like me who is growing in the new cultural generation of texting vs. talking. However, I think I am one of a kind, since I have no idea as to what people are talking about with the new texting, 3-letter abbreviations that pop up all over the place! I’m in my young twenties, and feel like the old fuddy-duddy who wants to correct all these youngin’s about their English proficiency… I think I’m doomed! In light of this topic, I must do what a contemporary blogger would do, and quote a modern-day TV show in relevance to this topic (only those who comprehend the slightest translation of youth textology should read on, however, it may also resonate with those who do not):

“I text. LOL: laugh out loud, OMG: Oh my god, WTF: Why the Face?” – Phil (dad), from Modern Family

The article titled, “OMG, ETC” from the Autumn edition of Intelligent Life Magazine, discusses the growing trend of a 3-letter world. With the increased trends of text linguistics, it’s an interesting fact to note that it’s not just the teens, and the young generation pushing this movement along. Adults, for instance, have been using the 3-letter abbreviations for all things professional: CEO’s for example. So, where did it come from, and where is this all heading? Are we all doomed, or should I feel more optimistic? 😉

Click here to read the article in full, and perhaps not feel so lost anymore..!


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