Indianapolis bakery refuses order of rainbow-colored cupcakes

September 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

Making the local and national headlines last week was that of an Indianapolis Bakery, “Just Cookies,” refusing to make an order of rainbow-colored cupcakes for an IUPUI student group affiliated with gay rights. A student from the organization called up the bakery for an order of the rainbow-colored cupcakes for National Coming Out Day next month, and was refused due to the nature of the cupcakes.

The female co-owner stated that the reasoning behind this was due to the fact that she did not have enough colors in her possession to make the rainbow colors as per requested, and that if people would pay attention, her bakery is called “Just Cookies;” therefore, no cupcakes for anyone. However, her husband later mentioned that he was afraid of the message that his “family oriented” business would be sending out, if they contributed to such a cause. In addition, he has two impressionable daughters, and would not be sure if these cupcakes for the type of student organization would be teaching them the right message. Later, when asked, we discover his “impressionable” daughters are 17 and 20 years of age.

I do not think that I’ve heard such stupidity from a local business in quite some time..! In no way were they donating, or supporting the cause – they would be fulfilling the duties of a business, and earning money by taking orders. It’s not as if their business title would be draped across town as a supporting advocate for gay rights (something of which would be detrimental to a family oriented business, apparently… geeze). Yes, a business is entitled to refuse orders as they please, but for the reasons given, it seems a little paranoid of what brightly colored cupcakes would send to its families and to their community… I mean, they are cupcakes – who doesn’t love brightly decorated cupcakes?!

Anywho, for more readings on this story, check out the following listings, along with the related articles listed further down.
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