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Norman Bethune Spanish civil war 1936

Image via Wikipedia, Norman Bethune Spanish civil war 1936

I must be craving my Tim Horton’s coffee and donut today, because here are some more flashes from the north! Macleans tends to keep me occupied with their stories and outlines, and I came across this page and figured I would do my country some historic promotion.

 Macleans, being the educating entertainers that they are, has created a voting pool in hopes that on October 15th, the greatest Canadian innovator will be declared. Viewers make their votes, and as each round of the draft completes, a Canadian innovator will become that much closer to winning the title – nerdily excited yet?! Here are some of the contenders:

George Retzlaff – as the first producer of Hockey Night in Canada, Retzlaff found a way to use film that he could develop in 30 minutes to produce the instant replay. You’re welcome, sports fans.

James Naismith – If you don’t know this name, then I am sorry for you. Naismith is credited with the invention of basketball. (If you didn’t already know, I am an madly in love with the sport!)

Norman Bethune – in the Spanish Civil War, Bethune invented a mobile blood transfusion service, which would collect blood from donors and deliver it where needed. He revolutionized battlefield medicine.

Sir Frederick Banting and Charles Best – Charles Best was a medical student hired by Sir Frederick Banting, and together Banting isolated insulin as the hormone which regulates the body’s blood sugar levels.

So these are 4 names out of our long – although short in comparison to others – existence within history. The list goes on with innovators within the technology fields, to modern-day entertainment performances, to modern media theory, to the tool box in your garage. If nothing else, I found it to be interesting, and a quirky way at exposing Canada’s innovators throughout the decades!

To check out the pool as it continues along, click here!


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