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Advertised online on the Culture pages of, Jonathan Hobin’s exhibit titled In the Playroom depicts children acting out major historic events ripped from the headlines. So eerily creepy, while adorable and sweet, the photographs grab the attention of the viewer so easily – I mean, who wouldn’t stop to stare at an image of a child version of Kim Jong Il in his bedroom?!

Image belongs to the Dale Smith Press Release for "In the Playroom"

The photos are captivating, beautifully posed, and disturbing – to say the least! But the message that Hobin has captured with these images is important, real, and highly contemporary to our media culture. As described on the site, Hobin states, “news stories have become our modern fairy tales, our cautionary tales, and the Internet is today’s story book.” You may not like what you see in the images (however, I absolutely love them), but you can’t deny the truth of his statements. Some will see these depictions as disrespectful to those who lived the historic events being portrayed, but I disagree. I think he’s mimicing our fascination with these events, and how we follow the stories like a good mystery novel, craving to know the crucial underlying question of, “Who dunnit?!”

Jonathan Hobin is a Canadian artist, attending high school in Ottawa before heading to Toronto for 8 years. Hobin works in film as a production designer, dividing his time between Ontario’s two major capitals. In the Playroom will be on display in the Dale Smith Gallery in Ottawa until October 10th. To view Jonathan Hobin’s work, check out his website at

This story was originally produced in Macleans at To read the story in full, and see the entirety of In the Playroom, please click here!

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