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This past year, it seems as if the number one topic that brought the world’s population together was that of the discussion of the economy. Whether you lived in the United States, or Canada, or England, or Japan – people were talking money. Bucks, Dollars, Pounds, Euros, and so on. A gathering of headlines covering American news hit new lows this past week, detailing that the overall population living in poverty increased by 4 million in 2009, with those of Asian origin being the wealthiest, and African-Americans being the poorest.

With poverty being defined as any family of four living under an income less than $21,954, the numbers are quite dramatic. However, these numbers have been increasing over the past few years. 2009 marked the third consecutive year in which poverty rose, listing 43.6 million Americans falling below the definition of a family living in poverty.

So many other factors go into these numbers. When poverty hits numbers such as these, with 43.6 million living in such a situation, there is an overflow of increases in other areas: repossessed home numbers go up; those without health coverage go up; in August alone, 54,000 jobs were cut. Heading into the elections, Democrats and Republicans have their strategies focused on the economy.

Information gathered from BBC’s article, “Number of Americans Living in Poverty ‘increases by 4m.'” To read this article in full, click here.

For more information and articles discussing the economy of countries around the world, check out the following links.

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