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Crepe stuffed with sesame seed ice cream, with sesame seed sauce on the side in Beijing, China.


Posted on BBC’s Travel site, Lonely Planet released a list of their Top 10 iconic national dishes from around the world that are more than worthy of a sampling. When traveling, food is one of my top 3 favourite things to indulge in, making sure that I try dishes ranging from the iconic national variety, to the everyday offerings that one would eat if they were of local status. I am in envy of those who claim the title of a “Foodie”, someone who lives life with the indulgence in food, and the culture and education surrounding the daily ritual of eating; yes, I would love to be an aficionado of food. *Sigh* 

Not only is it traveling that has opened my senses to the tastes and smells of delectable food covering the global appetites of man, but my parents being of two-plus cultures themselves, introduced me early on to the world of heavenly spices, custardy deserts, flavourful vegetables, and natural foods of their upbringing. Now, trying foods such as the overwhelmingly, mouth numbing spices of the Sichuan Province in China has me excited rather than fearful of the thought that it’s something different, and “strange.” I truly believe in the culture of food as a renewal of oneself; trying new spice mixes and dishes is a spiritual experience – IF you open yourself up to it! 

Here is Top 10 list provided by Lonely Planet – and for those in the Indianapolis area, a couple of recommendations as to where you may find such dishes downtown and around the corner.. that’s if you cannot afford the air fare 😉 

1. Tapas, in Barcelona
2. Doner Kabab, in Istanbul, Turkey For local flavour, click here!
3. Pasta, in Naples, Italy
4. Steamed Dumplings, in Shanghai, China For local flavour, click here!
5. Feijoada, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
6. Gumbo, in New Orleans, US For local flavour, click here!
7. Couscous, in Casablanca, Morocco For local flavour, click here!
8. Nasi Goreng, in Penang, Malaysia
9. Curry, in Mumbai, India
10. Hot dog, in New York City, US 

For more details on these dishes, click here!
Top 10 list of food destinations was provided by Lonely Planet as posted by BBC Travel with Lonely Planet


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